Businesses on the couch: the co-founders in couples’ therapy

Boardroom bust-ups can put friendships on the line. Business partners reveal why they get professional help to resolve their issuesThere are plenty of good reasons to set up a business with a co-founder rather than go it alone. A co-founder is another committed financial partner and someone who is likely

What Mexico’s earthquake means for California

(CNN)As we wake up to footage of the devastation in Mexico in the aftermath of the second earthquake that country has suffered this month, people in California might well be wondering how well-prepared their local communities are. First, the tectonic activity in each area is different: California sits at

UK scientists edit DNA of human embryos

We have all journeyed from a single fertilised egg to a human being - built from myriad different tissues ranging from bone to those needed to read this page. The first few steps on that journey are as critical as they are poorly understood. Image

Boston’s Fate Lies With a Zombie Hurricane

Hurricane Maria continued its thunderous roll northward as forecasters struggled to pin down a trajectory. Whether the storm makes landfall again could be determined by a zombie.That’s what former Hurricane Jose will soon be in the meteorological vernacular, a once-dangerous tropical system that has fallen apart and been robbed of

Facebook to tighten ad targeting after antisemitic ‘fail’, says Sheryl Sandberg

Chief operating officer announces policy change after social network allowed advertisers to seek out Jew haters, saying company never intended such usageFacebook is tightening controls on its advertising targeting tools, chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg announced in a statement acknowledging that the ProPublica on Thursday that the companys ad-buying system

Report: Manafort offered to brief Russian billionaire on election

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump's former campaign chairman Paul Manafort offered to brief a Russian billionaire on the election two weeks before Trump accepted the nomination, people familiar with the discussions told The Washington Post. The email is one of troves that are being reviewed amid multiple investigations into Russian interference

UK ‘must find Irish border solution’

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionCrossing the border He is not directly involved in the Brexit negotiations but any deal between the EU and UK will need to be approved by the European Parliament. The former Belgian prime

Maria Slams Storm-Ravaged Dominica En Route to Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria strengthened after battering the storm-ravaged Caribbean island nation of Dominica overnight on course for a direct hit on Puerto Rico just two weeks after Irma caused as much as $1 billion in damage on the bankrupt island.Maria’s top winds reached 165 miles (265 kilometers) an hour, up from

‘Major’ acid leak tackled at dock

A vapour cloud was created by the leak, but the wind direction took it away from nearby residential properties. Skip Twitter post by @HumbersideFire CONTROL - Leak at King George Dock now contained. vapour cloud reducing and incident being scaled down.#RedWatch— HumbersideFire (@HumbersideFire) September 19,