Pete Souza abandons Instagram to take down Trump on Twitter

Image: alex wong/Getty ImagesHold Pete Souza's beer and camera America. The former Obama White House photographer is so fed up with Donald Trump's behavior that he abandoned his primary medium of trolling, Instagram, to appeal to an audience more familiar with Trump's outrageous antics: Twitter. SEE ALSO: Forget shade,

From Steve Bannon to Mike Pence, Twitter’s unluckiest users

Image: Ambar del moral/mashableThe Twitter accounts belonging to members of Trump's administration receive a lot of attention, and rightfully so Trump has proven time and again Twitter is his preferred medium for communicating just about everything. But what about the unfortunate souls who just happen to share the same

What do when you’re being harassed on Twitter

Image: vicky leta/mashableIf Twitter has one major headache that never seems to go away, it's trolls. But things might now be starting to look up. The company, once content to do almost nothing to address harassment on its platform, has taken a new approach in recent months with a

Your Tweets can help predict crime

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University of Virginia Assistant Professor Matthew Gerber has discovered a correlation between Tweets and crime. No, folks arent Tweeting that theyre going to knock over a liquor store. Instead, by looking at the GPS coordinates attached to Tweets as well as assessing a heat map of popular locations, police