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Newspaper headlines: US ‘locked and loaded’ and childbirth rethink – BBC News

Image caption “Locked and Loaded” is the i newspaper’s front page headline, referring to Donald Trump’s threat to North Korea. It says the “brinkmanship” between the two countries is escalating.
Image copyright Express Newspapers
Image caption The front of the Daily Express says Mr Trump has declared the US is “ready for war.” It also quotes the US president as saying the country is “locked and loaded”, as the war of words intensifies.
Image caption Midwives have dropped a decade-long campaign for women to attempt to give birth naturally, saying it makes new mothers feel like failures, reports the Times. It says there will be an overhaul of “misleading” guidance.
Image caption The Guardian leads on the conviction of 11 members of a traveller family for slavery offences. It says the case shows “the reality of modern slavery” in the UK.
Image caption “How insurers rip you off” is the front page headline of the Daily Mail. The paper says drivers and homeowners who pay for their insurance month by month are being charged “hundreds of pounds a year extra”.
Image caption The owner of the car in which Princess Diana died has “sparked fury”, according to the Daily Mirror, by declaring he wants to put the wrecked vehicle on display in a US museum.
Image caption The Daily Telegraph says universities are being accused of allowing their admissions process to descend into a “free for all”, as it says students are increasingly being offered places regardless of their exam results.
Image caption Manchester is becoming a “hotspot” for buy-to-let landlords, according to the Financial Times. It says the city has narrowed the gap with London as tax and other charges have pushed buyers away from the capital.
Image caption Most Britons want Prince William to be the next king, according to a “shock poll” carried out by the Sun. The paper says the majority of those it quizzed want Prince Charles to be overlooked for the monarchy.
Image caption The Daily Star continues its coverage of Celebrity Big Brother, saying the father of Sarah Harding wants her to be removed from the contestants’ house.

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