‘A huge deal’ for China as the era of Xi Jinping Thought begins

Decision to grant Xi his own eponymous school of thought represents a momentous occasion in Chinese politics and historyChinas communist leader, Xi Jinping, looks to have further strengthened his rule over the worlds second largest economy with the apparent confirmation that a new body of political theory bearing his name

Xis Grand Vision for China Prioritizes Party Power Over Reform

President Xi Jinping laid out a sweeping vision to transform China into a strong global power while guaranteeing Communist Party rule for decades. Those looking for details on major economic reforms didn’t find much.In a speech to party cadres that went on for more than three hours, Xi on Wednesday outlined

Franken grills Sessions on LGBT record

Washington (CNN)Democratic Sen. Al Franken criticized Attorney General Jeff Sessions for working to revoke LGBT rights, accusing him and the Department of Justice of wasting "no time in systematically undermining attempts to safeguard LGBT people."In the two page memo issued by Sessions, he wrote, "Although federal law, including Title VII,

Couple evacuated from mobile home after sinkhole opens

OCALA, Fla. –  A Florida couple was evacuated from their mobile home after a large sinkhole opened up at an intersection just in front of their house. The Ocala Star-Banner reports that the hole — estimated to be 25 feet (7meters) wide and 15 feet (4 meters) deep — opened

Pfizer’s Advil May Be Just the Thing for Sickly Reckitt

Everyone has been talking about Reckitt Benckiser Plc having a problem. Now the consumer group's CEO Rakesh Kapoor is saying the same thing. The group is saddled with a terrible dilemma.The challenge is growth. Third-quarter sales fell 1 percent to 3.2 billion pounds ($4.2 billion) on a like-for-like basis, with